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How to Create Engaging Visual Content for Social Media

In the era of digital marketing, visual content is your company’s best companion. Not only is a picture worth a thousand words, but your videos should be too.

Visual content on social media gives consumers the motivation to like and follow your account. Videos take up 82% of all internet consumer traffic, which is why now is the best time to use it for your brand.


How is Visual Content on Social Media Different?

Many companies try to use the same strategies as traditional marketing on social media as well. Unfortunately, most of these tactics don’t work anymore.

On social media, your visual content is competing with hundreds of other brands. In this competitive market, your social media content needs to be attractive and unique enough to grab the consumers attention.

Unlike traditional media, visual content on social media needs to follow a style guide and expert strategies. With the right content on your corporate Instagram and Facebook accounts, you can boost sales growth significantly.


5 Tips to Create the Best Visual Content for Social Media

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If you don’t know how to make your social media account stand out from competitors, here are five expert tips that you can use.


1. Follow a Theme

Social media content should have a unique color palette, font, and logo to represent your brand. Once you start using a theme for your brand, remember to use it consistently across social media platforms. With this strategy, consumers will start recognizing your brand based on your social media theme.


2. Do Market Research on Visual Content

Every target market has a unique interest. To create appealing content, you need to know what your audience likes to see. Consider experimenting with different photos and videos to see what your audience responds to. However, if you are unsure about what to post, then you can always ask your audience directly. Try posting Instagram story polls or look at your post insights.


3. Declutter the Feed

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make on social media is having a cluttered feed. Visual content on social media should be bold, straightforward, and precise. Instead of trying to post everything on your feed, choose your social media posts wisely. Remember to always post high resolution photos and videos with attractive thumbnails to engage your audience.


4. Grab the Audience’s Attention

Social media users only have an average attention span of 3 to 8 seconds. However, you need to capture the audience’s attention as much as possible during this time. Consider using exciting video titles and attractive cover images to retain the consumer’s attention. Remember that your objective is to make the audience crave more visual content with every new post.


5. Remember Basic Photography Rules

Sometimes, the best way to create engaging visual content is by going back to the basics. Remember to keep a clear focal point in every photo or video, so your audience knows where to look.

Lastly, make the best use of natural light and avoid overexposure at all costs. Here are a few photography tips to take the best photos.