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What Type of Video Content is Best For You?

Video content is the best way to keep your customers entertained. Before you start filming another commercial for your brand, consider using some new types of brand videos. 72% of consumers reported that they would rather watch a video about a new product than read text, but that doesn’t mean you film another traditional marketing video.


What is Video Content?

A brand video should communicate your company’s products, services, and vision to consumers. Typically, It is used as part of a large marketing campaign. These campaigns are successful in creating a positive brand image for your company and attracting new customers.

However, video content doesn’t need to be limited to ads. Instead of following the norm, try thinking creatively to set your brand apart from the competition. Remember that video content needs to be appealing enough to attract a wide audience. With videos, you can make your customers feel connected to the company and push them to make a purchase. For more tips on how to attract customers, check out this guide on talking head videos.


5 New Types of Video Content to Use

If you are looking for new ideas to experiment with, here are 5 types of video content that you can use:

1. Branded Video Content

Introducing your brand shouldn’t be a challenging task. In a simple brand video, you can show customers how your company is unique. This type of video content is a great alternative to the typical ‘About Us’ page on your website. Instead of using long paragraphs, just film a short video that shows who you are as a company.

A brand video not only introduces your company to future customers, but it also shows your core values in the best way. If you focus on sustainable production, show it through your environmentally friendly business practices in a brand video.

2. Corporate Culture Video

The best way to attract new customers is to create an emotional bond with them. Try showing that your company is human with a simple corporate culture video. Go behind the scenes at your workspace and film how the team works together.

With a corporate culture video, you can connect with both future and current customers. Clients love shopping from a business that is true to their values.

3. Explainer Video Content

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Boosting sales is easy when you show customers how to use your products. In an explainer video, you can describe how your brand can help anyone complete a difficult task in an easy way. These videos can show customers that they can always rely on your company’s customer support team for help since they are the experts.

To make an explainer video more entertaining, try using different animations. This gives your company a creative edge and makes the video far more interesting to watch.


4. Recruitment Videos

Your video content doesn’t need to be limited to customers. If you are hiring new employees, make recruitment videos to show how they can contribute to your brand. When a prospective employee watches a fun recruitment video, they would be thrilled to be part of the team.

5. Customer Testimonials

There is no better way to attract new customers than sharing the experience of a satisfied customer. This type of video content holds the most value to future customers as they hear an unbiased view of your brand from a third party. With customer testimonials, you can use real customers to hype up your brand and encourage future customers to make a purchase.