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5 Simple Ways to Start Using Video for Business Growth

Pinterest is the place that everyone goes to for inspiration. Whether you’re looking for a DIY project, phone wallpapers, or a new brand, Pinterest is simply everyone’s favourite social media app. With millions of daily users, it is finally time for businesses to start investing in Pinterest marketing for their brand.


Why Use Pinterest Marketing?

In the past few years, Pinterest has grown exponentially to create a global platform. If you start using Pinterest marketing strategies, you can expand your target market and easily set yourself apart from the competition. As 89% of users said they look for purchase inspiration on Pinterest, there is no better way to market your products.


Tips to Use Pinterest Marketing

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Now that you are convinced to use Pinterest marketing, here are a few tips that you can take inspiration from.

Tip 1: Visual Inspiration and Creativity

Pinterest can be used for marketing long before you try to attract customers. During the design process, it is often difficult to come up with creative ideas that resonate with your target audience. In that case, you can turn to Pinterest’s infamous Lens feature. Instead of searching for a word, you can create an entire mood board with similar content on your feed.

When you start using Pinterest to get ideas for marketing strategies, you are likely to step out of your comfort zone and experiment. Try creating a few boards with different color schemes and ideas for marketing campaign inspiration.

The easiest way to use Pinterest marketing for business is to create high-quality, aesthetically pleasing visual content. If users like what they see on your page, they can save it for future reference.

Tip 2: Team Collaboration

The pins you save and boards you create on Pinterest can easily be shared with the entire team. To come up with a unique Pinterest marketing campaign, you should encourage team participation. Not only does this give you an influx of ideas, but it also keeps things diverse for all audiences.

Tip 3: Make Your Blog Popular

If you have a company blog that nobody reads, you can use Pinterest to give it some attention. Instead of having boring or cliché cover images for blog posts, try using captivating photos that grab the audience’s attention. Then, share these images on your Pinterest page and tag the blog website.

This way, you can drive organic traffic to your blog while creating a positive brand image for the company.

Tip 4: Get Leads and Sales

Like other social media platforms, Pinterest also has a shop integration feature. You can add your products to Pinterest and let users browse through your catalog directly from Pinterest. Remember to become a “verified merchant” on Pinterest so users know that you are an authentic seller.

Every time a user likes something from your catalog, they can be redirected to your website to make a purchase. With this Pinterest marketing strategy, you can convert your followers into leads and sales.