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Why Your Brand Needs Video for Marketing

Video for marketing strategies don’t need to be limited to Fortune 500 companies. Even if you run a small venture, creating video content can help you attract new clients, grow your customer base, and encourage brand loyalty.


What is Video for Marketing?

Everyone knows about how companies make branded video content to advertise their product. However, video for marketing can be so much more than just branded content.

Using video for marketing means integrating your entire company vision and purpose into a visually engaging video. Since customers are more attracted to videos, it is always a good idea to engage your clients and make them feel part of a community. Videos are diverse, which means you can use them in however way you like.


Reasons to Use Video for Marketing

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All major companies are now prioritizing video content over everything else. Here’s why your company should be using video marketing strategies:

1. Reach More Clients

From Gen Z to baby boomers, everyone has a mobile device in their hand at all times. In most cases, these users are looking for engaging video content to consume. Since video content is likely to take up 80% of all online traffic in the next few years, it seems logical to start investing in it right away.

When you create engaging videos for your brand, customers are likely to send them to their friends and family. Good videography can go a long way, especially when it comes to reaching potential clients.

2. Use Social Media Platforms

Gone are the days when video for marketing was only restricted to the big screen. With the rising popularity of social media, businesses can now post their videos on platforms where they can reach the right demographic.

If you target an audience of young adults, then TikTok marketing might be your best option. For those who want to combine photos and videos, Instagram is a great platform to start with.

3. Higher Google Ranking

Everyone wants to focus on their SEO ranking. Statistics show that Google gives 50% higher preference to websites that have video content rather than just written content.

By uploading your company videos to YouTube or other social media platforms, you are essentially working on your SEO strategy. More views on your video means more brand recognition, more new customers, and eventually higher profits.

4. Build a Brand Image

Customers love watching videos that make them feel something. The best way to develop an emotional bond with your customer base is by investing in video for marketing. As more customers identify with your product or service emotionally, they are likely to give you likes and follows on social media.

As your brand profile grows, you can easily build a brand image centered around your core business values. The biggest advantage of creating a positive brand image is that it gives you loyal customers. Even if you stop investing hefty amounts in advertisement in the future, your loyal customers will still have your back.