unnamed 2 - The Importance of Corporate Video Production in the Digital Age

The Importance of Corporate Video Production in the Digital Age

Previously, only large companies could afford to advertise their businesses via video promotions through television as it was too expensive. However, the scenario changed, and today, every company, whether startup or enterprise-level, can advertise their products or services on digital platforms like social media, YouTube, and various others. These platforms are affordable and accessible, enabling companies to reach a wider audience effectively. There are various verticals to succeed, and one popular marketing technique is Corporate Video Production. Every business wants to stand out in influencing and attracting the masses using the power of promotional videos. And to reach new heights, modern-day innovative ideas are extremely vital. In this blog, we will skim through the factors explaining the importance of corporate video production.

Purpose and Significance of Corporate Video Production

About 90% of consumers consider product videos to impact their customer’s purchase decisions significantly. These clips give viewers a dynamic and exciting method to learn about a product’s characteristics, usage, advantages, and applications. Additionally, they address common queries & worries, developing confidence and trust in potential buyers. As a result, businesses that effectively utilize product videos can greatly enhance their marketing output with an increase in conversion rates.

Understanding the Importance of Corporate Video Production

Lets now skim through the importance of corporate video production:

Tutorials for Customers

unnamed 1 - The Importance of Corporate Video Production in the Digital Age

Customer tutorials are beneficial to your business in several ways, primarily because they can increase your company’s visibility. According to studies, 69 percent of people prefer to watch a video to understand more about a product or service.

You can create a video on how to use your product, and this will be cost-efficient as you do not have to hire a professional for product training. Simultaneously, it will reduce your client’s training needs, provide a series of short videos so they can avoid the live training and learn on their own time.

Besides, you can create videos for an update to an old product or service, some major celebration, or new product launches.


unnamed - The Importance of Corporate Video Production in the Digital Age

Telling a brief tale about yourself in an interesting and entertaining way is highly effective for business promotions. Brands can use storytelling to differentiate themselves from the competition, explain their selling point, and leave a lasting impact on their target audience. Furthermore, you can explain your background story, how it all began, and how it relates to your company’s purpose, vision, and values. You can develop an intense emotional connection with your clients, increasing their satisfaction, loyalty, and support.

Interactive Communicative Channels

Every day, people search for video content on social media. According to a survey, more than 500 million individuals view videos on Facebook every day. Based on another study, 93% of companies have acquired a new client through a social media video. This is due to the fact that your clients want something easy to comprehend and remember.

Because of the popularity of “Stories,” you can now share behind-the-scenes insights into your business, the work your team performs on a daily basis, and entertaining sneak peeks of your products and services.

Nowadays, online reviews are becoming very influential in sales as many clients purchase through recommendations from influencers.

It Enhances your Visibility on Search Engines

One of the most crucial benefits of corporate video is that it boosts your search engine presence. A video is an excellent tool for attracting and engaging potential consumers. Google prefers to rank videos higher than other types of content since it understands how beneficial they are to website users. It will bring more organic traffic to your website once it is released on your website, social media networks, and YouTube. As a result, corporate videos often dominate the first page of search engine results.

Real-Life Examples of Successful Corporate Video Campaigns

Some of the real-life examples of successful corporate video campaigns include;

Nike: “Just Do It” Campaign:

Nike’s “Just Do It “campaign is one of the most iconic marketing campaigns launched in 1988, featuring amateurs and professional athletes sharing their achievements. One of their ads features Walt Stack, an 80-year-old marathon runner who runs 17 miles daily. This inspired the viewers to do the same.

Pepsi: The “Is Pepsi OK?” Campaign:

Pepsi broadcasts a commercial during Super Bowl LIII that people would continue to discuss. In a playful and fun skit for the “Is Pepsi OK?” commercial, Grammy Award winner Lil Jon, Grammy Award nominee Cardi B, and Golden Globe Award winner Steve Carell appeared.
The ad features a waiter asking a diner who orders a Coke, “Is Pepsi OK?” In his monologue, Carell clarifies that Pepsi is “More Than OK” as it was the top choice over the other beverages.


Reebok encourages us to continuously honour and challenge our bodies to their physical limits as average human life for 25,915 days.
The video examines a woman’s history of running backward, beginning with her participation in the Spartan Race sponsored by Reebok as a middle-aged woman, continuing with her interest in track in high school, and concluding with her first day of life. It is an ideal strategy for Reebok to convey its brand objective: to change how people view and feel fitness at every age. Also, to reassure customers that they will be there to meet their goals for athletic gear for the rest of their lives.
There is also a clickable CTA after the video that says, “Calculate your days.”


Change is the only constant, and success demands change. Now, you must be aware of the importance of corporate video and its significance in the modern digital age. It aids businesses in efficiently communicating their messages and bringing in online audiences. Videos emotionally connect with viewers, simplifying complex information. They raise brand awareness, consumer confidence, and sales. It’s essential to have captivating videos because more and more people are turning to internet information.
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