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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Great Video Production Company

The selection of a video production company can make or break an entire campaign.

You can’t simply pick any video production company and put your million-dollar business at risk. After all, online videos reach 93% of the audience. There has to be some brainstorming, analysis, and of course, some research because what’s captured is what’s shown!

The Importance of Hiring the Right Video Production Agency

With 86% of businesses utilizing videos as a marketing tool, the importance of choosing the right video production agency has become significant.

However, in the world of videography, no one size fits all! The right video production company understands the need and demands of a campaign and meticulously curate a strategy that meets the end’s needs.

Furthermore, it doesn’t limit itself and is always ready to walk that extra mile to work beyond expectations.  In other words: the right video production company is not just about lights, camera, and action, it’s about delivering the results that create an impact and generate ROI.

Tips for Hiring a Great Video Production Company

Searching for a video production company in Toronto? Let’s cut to the chase and dive deep into some amazing tips that’ll help you get the best video production services.

Develop A Content Brief With Clear Objectives

The video production company can’t discern everything on its own. You must ensure that every bit of information is effectively conveyed. Remember, whatever is communicated, will be reflected in the results.

Double-check the content brief. Ensure that you’ve shared the business details, project specifics, and end goals. Resolving any doubts beforehand and starting with a clear idea will ensure that results align with the vision.

Don’t know what to share? Here are a few things you can add to the content brief:

  • Mission and Vision
  • About The Business
  • Target Audience
  • Type of Video
  • Reference Video (If Any)
  • Key Messaging

Know What Type Of Skills You Want

Believe it or not, having a clear idea about the skills you’re looking for can be immensely helpful in your search for a video production agency. For instance, in the case of a corporate promo, do you require expertise in scriptwriting and storytelling? Consider the platform for editing work—is it Adobe Premiere Pro or We Video? Making such realizations upfront will ensure the selection of the right agency.

Explore The Video Production Houses

It’s always a good idea to explore rather than settle for the first production company you come across. Here are some methods that can help you find the right agency:

  • Ask Your Network

Before anyone else, make a buzz inside your network.  Inquire if someone has had the chance to work with a video production company. Learn about their experience and whether they would recommend it to you.

  • Use Search Engines

Harness the potential of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to narrow down the options. Simply insert keywords, for example, ‘video production company Toronto,’ and the top results will be displayed.

  • Browse Social Media

Millions of videos are scrolled through every second on social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If a video captures your attention, you can directly approach the respective video production company and share the ideas for your project.

Look Beyond The Portfolio

Irrespective of how good the portfolio is, strive to see behind the scenes!  Ask the agency about the intricacies of videos and what inspired their creative choices. The way they respond will provide insight into their creative process and team dynamics. Depending on their answers, you can determine whether their ideas align with your expectations.

Look For Relevant Industry Experience

Having a video production agency that is already familiar with the nitty-gritty of your industry is a tremendous advantage.  This can significantly reduce the learning curve and expedite the project.

However, this doesn’t imply that any other video production company wouldn’t be able to suffice. It is just that the time spent to understand the fundamentals will be saved.

Uncover The Technical Aspects

The video production industry is advancing at a faster pace. Therefore, technological capabilities can significantly influence decision-making. Understanding the tools and technologies a company employs provides insights into the innovation and efficiency they bring to their work. After all, you wouldn’t want your videos to lack technological finesse.

Additionally, awareness of the technical aspects aligns with expectations and aids in determining whether their technological expertise meets the specific requirements of your project.

Analyze Their Past Work

A lot can be learned by carefully analyzing past work! Request a sample of the company’s completed projects and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the video aesthetically pleasing?
  • Is the message effectively conveyed?
  • Is the design original?
  • Do I want similar results?

If you find yourself torn between multiple video production companies, compare their past works and evaluate them on criteria such as quality of work, creativity, innovation, technical capabilities, and more. This approach works exceptionally well to narrow down options and reduce confusion.

Make The Final Decision

Here comes the final part – choosing the video production company that aligns best with your needs! Now that you’ve identified your goal, gathered the necessary information, compared options, and studied the consequences, it’s time to execute the final decision. While factors like track record, experience, portfolio, and more will naturally influence your decision, don’t overlook your intuition.  Remember to prioritize your work and do what your mind says and heart allows!


What are the qualities of a good production company?
A good video production agency is passionate about taking challenges and creating engaging, visually stunning video content that captivates your audience. It dedicates time to comprehend your message, crafting a compelling story that resonates with your viewers. Leveraging the latest technology and techniques, it breathes life into your story on screen.

What questions should I ask a video production company before hiring?

  • What tools and technologies do you use?
  • Can I have a look at your client reviews and testimonials?
  • What does your production process entail?
  • Who will be my primary point of contact?
  • What services do you offer?

What is the cost of video production?

The cost of video production varies from project to project.  Factors influencing the cost of video production include scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, location scouting, equipment, crew, special effects, sound design and music, number of revisions, and, most importantly, the experience and reputation of the production company.

Is it possible to rent a camera or other tools from a video production company?

Certainly, many reputable video production companies offer rental services. No matter how big or small your production is, they provide various items for rent, including camera, lens, lighting, gimbal/tripod, monitor, microphone, camera sliders, wireless transmitters, C Stands, drone, SD/Memory card, and other related gears.

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