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Hiring an Event Videographer: How to Contract the Best Pro for Every Event

Hiring a professional event videographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning any event. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or birthday party, you want to capture high-quality videos and photos to memorialize the occasion. However, with so many event videographers to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right pro for your unique needs and budget.

What is a videographer? A videographer records events through video cameras and editing equipment to produce video content, films and highlight reels of important gatherings.

By following a few key tips during your hiring process, you’ll be well on your way to contracting an exceptionally talented and reliable videographer to film your special event. Read on to learn the  must-know tips for hiring the best event videographer for every type of celebration.

Getting Started

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Avideographer for events specializes in photographing and filming milestones at weddings, conferences, parties, and celebrations to document the occasion. The first step is to clearly define what you need to be captured at your event before even searching for videographers.

Consider important details like the type of event, date, time, location, expected number of guests, your budget, the style of video you want, which moments and people need to be filmed, and more. Having a clear scope of work in mind allows you to better communicate needs when interviewing candidates. It also helps videographers provide tailored proposals and cost estimates.

Next, research the different videography styles that professionals who do videography eventscommonly use. Styles can vary greatly between videographers. Some options are documentary, cinematic, short-form edited videos, storytelling videos with interviews and voiceovers, photo montage slideshows, and drone footage. View portfolios to get a feel for each style and decide what best fits your specific event.

Define Your Event Videography Needs

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Before searching for a videographer, clearly outline what needs to be captured during your event filming. Provide crucial details such as the celebration type, expected guest count, ideal budget, envisioned video style, key people and moments requiring footage, and so on.

Defining precise event videography requirements allows you to accurately convey your needs when speaking to prospective cinematographers. It also assists professionals in tailoring proposals and estimates that match your vision and means.

Do not gloss over or estimate details when briefing candidates on the gig. Give factual guest numbers so the videographer can properly plan equipment, staffing, and editing timelines based on videos of comparable size and complexity. Precise event details lead to accurate project scoping for best results.

Research Event Videography Styles

Videographer’s artistic styles and technical approaches vary greatly. That is why assessing several vendor’s portfolios is so integral before booking one.

For weddings, a documentary tribute captures the candid essence and emotions of the entire ceremony and reception from start to finish. Shortening the footage into a well-paced 3-7 minute video showing highlights is also popular for quick sharing. Montages of still photos set to music also effectively encapsulate weddings beautifully.

Corporate event videos run the gamut too from unedited videos of CEO speeches to slick brand storytelling showcases using lots of corporate graphics, music, drone footage, etc. Really get to know the range of stylistic possibilities when scoping potential videographers’ previous works or even in preliminary creative meetings.

This will pay dividends when reviewing proposals to select the professional whose expertise, gear, and creative vision most closely matches your videography wants.

Ask the Right Questions Before Booking

Interviewing knowledgeable, responsive professionals willing to answer common client questions says a lot about who you may potentially hire. Come prepared with thoughtful queries that offer insight into the candidate’s skill level, experience capturing similar events, equipment capabilities, and preparedness for contingencies.

What training prepared you for professional event videography? This helps better understand skills cultivated via formal education vs. hands-on gigs. Someone self-taught over decades of learning on the job may boast wisdom beyond any classroom or recent certificate course grad.

Years of actively working as a lead or assistant videographer also prove invaluable direct industry experience. Specifically, ask about projects echoing your scope or guest count too.

Inquire what camera, lighting, and microphone gear they utilize. What backup equipment is brought to events? This guarantees adequate provisions to handle potential gear disruptions on the big day caused by dead batteries, full memory cards, weather issues, etc.

Compare Packages and Pricing

Event video costs vary tremendously based on the project’s scale, deliverables, and provider’s experience level. An exhaustive 6-hour wedding documentary from getting ready until the sparkler sends off with 2 shooters, no edits and all raw footage may command around hundreds of dollars! Whereas a 1 videographer, a 3-minute cinematic highlight reel with pro sound design, color correction, and licensed music can cost thousands!

Understand that expertise, equipment quality, editing time, and other cost drivers influence pricing significantly. Avoid sticker shock by aligning budget expectations to the project scope before ever requesting quotes. And compare apples to apples across vendor packages. Similar deliverable sizes, shooting/edit time, and videographer crew sizes when weighing recommendations spanning higher or lower price ranges.


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Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to learn more about hiring an event videographer.

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