Everything You Need To Know About Product Photography Pricing

PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY PRICING - Everything You Need To Know About Product Photography Pricing

Product photography is essential for businesses to showcase their products online in the best possible light. However many business owners find product photography pricing to be confusing with so many factors and options to consider.

This article will outline the top factors that impact product photography cost so you can understand what goes into the pricing and make an informed decision when hiring a photographer.

What’s Included in Product Photography Pricing?

prices for product photography - Everything You Need To Know About Product Photography Pricing

One of the biggest factors determining how much photo-shoot cost is simply the inclusions in the photography package. Entry-level packages may include basic shooting with some post-production and image delivery.

Pricing product photography services include factors like:

  • On-location versus studio shooting
  • Range of products to be photographed
  • Image styling, propping, lighting rentals
  • Advanced post-production and retouching
  • Total number and resolution of final selects
  • Licensing, copyrights, and usage rights

Know exactly what is covered before agreeing to any quotes, as prices for product photography can jump dramatically depending on the specifics.

Higher-end photography studios tend to offer customized a la carte services. Packages focused on efficiency and volume discounts can also be worthwhile for certain brands and products. It comes down to aligning needs with services.

Experience Level of the Photographer

Assigning product shots to the cheapest bidder does not always lead to the best ROI. Reasons it pays to have an experienced commercial photographer include:

  • Saves cost by getting each product shot right the first time
  • Skill directing assistants and managing shoots efficiently
  • Maintaining consistency across various product lines
  • Owning the proper lighting, gear, and resources

Top websites like Amazon rely on product images to engage customers and drive purchases. Yet product photography cost is dwarfed by the revenue it generates. View photography as an investment, not just another expense.

While experienced photographers will quote higher charge for product photography, the quality and efficiency they bring to complex shoots are invaluable. Plus they can guide you to balance needs vs. budget wisely.

Location: Studio Rental vs. On-Location

Where your products are photographed plays a huge role in the overall pricing of photography services. Photographing in-studio with room sets designed specifically for shooting products consistently yields superior results.

However, studio rental and gear fees impactthe production company’s decision on how to price photography. Factoring expenses like:

  • Studio space hourly rates
  • Product tables, shelving, backdrops
  • Strobe lighting equipment
  • Digital medium format rental

Shooting on location can slash certain production costs, although a lack of control over lighting and other elements can compromise images. Truly professional product shots require a controlled environment best offered in studios.

Product photography in Toronto costs may range from $350/hour for basic studio rental with equipment, up to $500/hour for high-end studios with the latest gear and production tools built for advertising imagery. Consider studio fees as investments towards getting portfolio-quality photographs showcasing products in ideal conditions.

Post-Production and Retouching

product photography Cost - Everything You Need To Know About Product Photography Pricing

After the shoot, the next major cost factor is post-production which transforms raw files into polished product assets ready for marketing usage. Services like:

  • Photo editing and color correction
  • Masking and layering for cut-outs
  • Enhancing backgrounds
  • Removing sensor dust spots/debris
  • Small refinements to lighting/contrast

For eCommerce sites and product catalogs, more intensive retouching like removing wrinkles, streams, shine flare, or cloning out distracting textures is often desired, adding to product photography pricing. Manually perfecting images requires painstaking effort and artistic skills using editing tools like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

Digital Licensing, Usage and Copyright

Owning high-quality product photos helps brands maximize exposure and conversions across channels like the web, print, billboards, and more.

Photography studios often retain copyright over the original files which then need to be licensed for usage in marketing materials. Common licensing models:

  • One-time buyouts
  • Limited/unlimited usage terms
  • Exclusivity agreements
  • Regional vs global territories

Rates vary based on distribution scale and renewal options. Big brands prefer buying out usage rights indefinitely which increases the cost of product photography, but over time offers flexibility compared to leasing licenses routinely.

For small businesses with limited budgets, agreeing to photo credits in exchange for cheaper rates can get professional images initially, with upgrade options as marketing grows.

Product Categories and Quantity Shot

Prices for product photography also depend on niche markets like:

  • Retail items – clothing, jewelry, etc.
  • Packaged goods – food, cosmetics
  • Commercial equipment – tools, vehicles, machinery
  • Technology – phones, laptops, tablets

Each niche has unique considerations around showcasing features effectively. Similarly, pricing is affected by the total number of product variants or configurations photographed in a single session.

Image Styling and Propping

Truly elevating products into tempting customer eye candy relies heavily on complementary propping like stands, fabrics, cutlery, etc. The sophistication of the props involved makes a remarkable impact on results, though adds to budgets.

Consider the contrast of selling shoes on a bland white background versus displaying them in a lifestyle context with props suggesting user scenarios. Product photography pricing factors in the expenses of sourcing the perfect props, often uniquely customized to showcase niche items at their best.

This is equally true for food requiring fresh ingredients regularly replaced to maintain appeal, increasing overall production costs of the shoot significantly more than generic products shot in isolation.

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FAQs on Product Photography Pricing

What factors make up the cost of product photography?

There are several key factors influencing product photography pricing:

  • Number of product variants to be shot
  • Complexity of lighting setup needed
  • Props, styling, and retouching requirements
  • Usage licensing rights and exclusivity
  • Whether location or studio shooting
  • Travel fees if on-location at client site

The combination of these elements determines the quote. Evaluating and breaking down every component helps align photographer rates to usage goals and overall scope better.

How can I reduce costs for an upcoming product photoshoot?

There are several ways to lower product photography expenses for brands on tight budgets:

  • Prioritize only hero products to be shot initially
  • Provide own propping and styling elements rather than relying fully on studio
  • Seek studios offering equipment rental specials or promotions
  • Negotiate weekday or half-day rental rates
  • Discuss licensing flexibility like credits or referrals only
  • Book off-peak with lower-demand seasons

Being clear on must-have shots and minimizing any excess production elements through the above options can make professional photography very affordable for most product brands.

Is product photography expensive?

Quality photography does involve significant gear expenses and production costs, although pricing ultimately depends on needs. With budgets aligning to usage goals and volume, both professional studios and clients can create win-win situations making product photography incredibly profitable on both ends.


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Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to learn more about product photography pricing.

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