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You may see the final product of a music video but without direct experience with film production budgets, it can be challenging to know where the money goes. Below is a breakdown of the kind of effort, labor and preperation that is needed to achieve the desired music video outcome.

Specialized Music Video ($1900)

“Angel/Devil” by Toronto artist Lexxicon, was a music video conceptualized by contrasting red against blue to represent angel and devil in his hit song. He reached out to Origin Films to re-create his vision. From storyboarding, location scouting, filming, and editing, the entire project took 6 weeks to complete and publish. The video was filmed in 13 hours (full day) with a crew of 4 managing lighting, directing, camera work, audio playback and set design simultaneously.

  • One full day of shooting (or possibly 2 half-days).
  • 60 – 100 hours of editing (distinguishable visual effects).
  • Crew size: 1 – 4 people.
  • Set design/Costume design.
  • Makeup Artist (If needed).
  • Paid actors (If any).
  • Paid location.
  • Shot in 4K rendered in 1080p.

Creative Music Video ($2200)

“Give it Back” by Toronto producers Fevra, Modmaxx & T.YYY ft. D.Hart & Empara, was a collaborative accomplishment utilizing multiple artists’ visions to create an abstract story to fit their new song. D.Hart contacted Origin Films and together coordinated this short cinematic music video to release Fevra’s new album. Due to the complexity and significance of certain camera movements; storyboarding, location scouting, fiming and editing took just under 8 weeks. The shoot was split into 3 half-days (1.5 days total) to film specific sets at specific times.

  • Several days of shooting.
  • 40 – 80 hours of editing (minor visual effects).
  • Crew size: 1 – 4 people.
  • Set design/Costume design.
  • Make Up Artist (If needed).
  • Several paid actors can be involved.
  • Paid location.
  • Shot in 4K rendered in 1080p.

Basic Music Video ($750)

“Child of Color” by Toronto artist Kareem B, was inspired by other musicians such as J.Cole and Chance the Rapper. Kareem B wanted to replicate the feeling of being organic, unapologetic while paying respect to his roots. The establishing shot showing “Scarlett Manor, 1025 Scarlett Road” is a tribute to the neighborhood he was born and raised. He messaged Origin Films to express his artistic vision. Through Kareem’s showmanship, the entire project took a quater-day (6 hours total) to film and was released in 2 weeks.

  • One half-day of shooting (6 – 12 hours).
  • 20 – 40 hours of editing (little-to-no visual effects).
  • Crew size: 1 – 2 people.
  • Custom Design.
  • Shot in 4K rendered in 1080p.
  • Un-paid locations.
  • Un-paid actors.

The more detail the better.

Provide a brief description of your vision. Talk about music videos you enjoy, the atmosphere you’re going for, the vibe of your song, your favorite color. The more detail the better.

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