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Camera Rental Toronto

Every photographer, whether a beginner or an expert, is on the hunt to capture that life-changing shot that uplifts their profession overnight. Accomplishing these goals has become convenient and economical with our camera rental services. Origin Films, with its vast collection of photography gadgets, offers Toronto camera rental services ranging from premium cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment to tripods and drones. You are privileged to have your hands on these high-grade rental devices without splurging a bunch of dollars on purchasing them.
This affordable opportunity prepares you to conduct your photography session with top-class cameras and lenses under the finest lighting. From commercial advertisements and event coverage to large-scale film-making, our rental services let you achieve extraordinary outcomes.

marissa lewis T8WMoPBcWRA unsplash 300x200 - Camerarental

Here is what to expect from our camera rental services

Origin Films is a camera rental Toronto-based company serving a high-standing experience to film-making and photography professionals.

> A chance to rent the technologically advanced exclusive arrivals in the film production market.
> An extensive stock of gadgets to fit diverse needs from small to large-scale projects.
> We offer economical camera rentals that favour your budget.
> Support and guidance on the use of the tools from our experienced professionals.

How can we help you grow?

We do not just supply the equipment but work with a vision to make photography accessible to all. When you choose Origin Films, you are choosing a dedicated companion who assists you in overcoming photography challenges while accomplishing your goals. Our experts familiarize themselves with the clients’ photography needs and make arrangements accordingly. From guidance on making a suitable pick of camera to creating a professional ambiance for the photography session, we precisely cover all of your requirements. With us, the budget is no more a constraint to hinder your progress in music video production and film-making in Toronto.

Camera Rentals Toronto

We have a great selection of gear, no matter how big or small your production is.

Camera Rentals

sony ilce7sm3 b alpha a7s iii mirrorless 1595930779 1577838 300x300 - Camerarental


the Sony a7S III raises the bar for what a full-frame mirrorless camera is capable of. A revised 12.1MP Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor and updated BIONZ XR image processor offers faster performance, improved noise reduction, and a wider dynamic range, along with UHD 4K 120p video recording.

  • Include 2 Battery
  • Includes Dual Charger

Day Rate: $200

Weekend Rate: $200

shopping 300x300 - Camerarental


The α6500 professional-class APS-C interchangeable-lens camera features unbeatably fast autofocus; High-density Tracking AF Technology with comprehensive phase-detection AF point coverage; enhanced buffer for continuous shooting at up to 11fps (Hi+); 5-axis optical image stabilization; and touchscreen focus control.

  • Include 2 Battery
  • Includes Dual Charger

Day Rate: $100

Weekend Rate: $100

shopping 300x300 - Camerarental


The α6300 is the flagship APS-C mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera from Sony featuring the world’s fastest AF with the most phase-detection AF points (425), Exmor® CMOS sensor with 24.2 effective megapixels, extra-wide ISO 100–51200 sensitivity range, enhanced 4K movie recording, and XGA OLED Tru-Finder™.

  • Include 2 Battery
  • Includes Dual Charger

Day Rate: $75

Weekend Rate: $75

insta360 cinakgp a one r camera 1578399697 1537712 300x300 - Camerarental

Insta360 ONE R

The Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition is one of the key configurations of the modular ONE R action camera system. The Twin Edition includes the Core module, 4K Wide Angle Mod, Dual-Lens 360 Mod, and the necessary Battery Base that holds the modules together.

  • Include 1 Battery
  • Includes USB-C Charger
  • Includes Waterproof Case

Day Rate: $40

Weekend Rate: $40

Lens Rentals

279511 300x300 - Camerarental

Sony 28mm f1.8

this full-frame 28mm wide-angle prime features a bright F2.0 maximum aperture and outstanding overall optical performance. Advanced optics deliver excellent sharpness right out to the image edges plus beautifully smooth bokeh when needed. A maximum aperture of F2.0 makes it easier to shoot clear images handheld indoors or in dim lighting. An inner focus mechanism achieves stable, quiet autofocus operation that is ideal for movies as well as stills.

Day Rate: $15

Weekend Rate: $15

sony sel50f18f fe 50mm f 1 8 lens 1459251297 1242613 300x300 - Camerarental

Sony 50mm f1.8

A simple, bright, and lightweight normal prime, the FE 50mm f/1.8 from Sony is a versatile normal-length prime lens designed for full-frame E-mount mirrorless cameras. Its sleek design makes it well-suited for everyday shooting, while the fast f/1.8 maximum aperture benefits working in low-light conditions as well as offers increased control over depth.

Day Rate: $15

Weekend Rate: $15

sony sel2470gm fe 24 70mm f 2 8 gm 1454496359 1222774 300x300 - Camerarental

Sony 24-70 f2.8 GM

A fast, standard zoom favored for its versatility, the Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM is a wide-angle to short telephoto lens designed for E-mount mirrorless cameras. Featuring a constant f/2.8 maximum aperture, this lens maintains consistent performance throughout the zoom range and benefits working in low-light conditions and with selective focus.

Day Rate: $40

Weekend Rate: $40

sony sel70200g 70 200mm f 4 5 6 g lens 1392158857 1029862 300x300 - Camerarental

Sony 70-200 f4

Capture more distant subjects while keeping your kit lightweight with the FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS Lens from Sony. This full-frame lens is designed for use with mirrorless E-mount cameras where it delivers an excellent telephoto zoom range. It also uses a maximum aperture of f/4 to keep size and weight down.

Day Rate: $60

Weekend Rate: $60

sony sel85f18 fe 85mm f 1 8 lens 1486462887 1317562 300x300 - Camerarental

Sony 85mm f1.8

An ideal portrait-length prime, the FE 85mm f/1.8 from Sony is a sleek short-telephoto lens designed for full-frame E-mount mirrorless cameras. The bright f/1.8 maximum aperture benefits this lens’s use in low-light conditions and also affords extensive control over depth of field when working with selective focus techniques.

Day Rate: $20

Weekend Rate: $20

1425422738 1126140 300x300 - Camerarental

Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS Lens

Get up close and personal with the 1:1 magnification ratio of the full-frame compatible FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS Lens for Sony’s E-mount cameras. As a G series lens, it perfectly balances sharpness and bokeh through the use of various specialized elements, this ensures highly detailed images, with smooth out-of-focus areas, and an absolute minimum

Day Rate: $25

Weekend Rate: $25

Camera Lights Rental

434053 300x300 - Camerarental

Aputure LS C300d Mark II

Built on the foundation of the popular LS C300d, Aputure’s Light Storm LS C300d Mark II LED Light is an enhanced version with 20% more power, refined features, and advanced connectivity. Aputure uses Chip on Board (COB) technology to produce a 5500K color temperature, with power consumption of just 350W

Day Rate: $85

Weekend Rate: $85

nanlite 15 2008 4kit pavotube 30c 4 rgbw 1559840734 1476411 300x300 - Camerarental

4 Nanlite PavoTube 30C

With a 1.9″ diameter and a T12 form factor, the PavoTube 30C 4′ RGBW LED Tube with Internal Battery 4-Light Kit from Nanlite is ideal for hiding unobtrusively in small areas on a set or for shooting in vehicles such as cars, boats, or planes. The kit contains four PavoTube 30C 4′ LED Lights complete with AC adapters mounting clips and a carrying bag.

Day Rate: $100

Weekend Rate: $100

kinotehnik pract802 practilite 802 14 5 x 1533566206 1427611 300x300 - Camerarental

Kinotehnik Practilite 802 Bi-Color Water-Resistant Smart LED Panel

Offering power, versatility, compact size, and advanced technology features, the red-finished Practilite 802 Bi-Color Water-Resistant Smart LED Panel from Kinotehnik is an ideal choice for production, studio, ENG, EDU, and rental use. The well-crafted, all-aluminum 14.5 x 8.7 x 2″ panel employs 200 LEDs to output the equivalent of an 800W

Day Rate: $35

Weekend Rate: $35

kinotehnik pract602 practilite 602 smart led 1450435519 1208021 300x300 - Camerarental

Kinotehnik Practilite 602 LED Fresnel

The Practilite 602 LED Fresnel from Kinotehnik is a small, lightweight light source with a 3.2″ borosilicate Fresnel glass lens capable of an impressive spot-to-flood spec of 15-75 degrees for variable field coverage. Flexibility is key to the design of the Practilite.

Day Rate: $35

Weekend Rate: $35

aputure lantern 360 degrees softbox 1561035973 1484381 300x300 - Camerarental

Aputure Lantern Softbox

deal for use overhead or to raise the ambient illumination level, this Lantern Softbox from Aputure has a 2.2′ diameter and the same omni-directional quality of light as the China Balls of yore but built of durable materials. It has a skirt set to control the 270° beam spread and a Bowens mount that fits Aputure lights such as the 120d or 300d series

Day Rate: $15

Weekend Rate: $15

Camera Gimbal/Tripod Rental

1563187535 IMG 1217297 300x300 - Camerarental

Feiyu AK4500 Kit W/Follow Focus

The Feiyu AK4500 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Essentials Kit is a compact 3-axis gimbal stabilizer kit that improves on its predecessor, the AK4000, by supporting up to 10.1 lb loads. It’s designed with an angled motor arm so there’s nothing blocking your camera screen, and it provides 360° pan, 230° tilt, and 360° roll motion.

Day Rate: $55

Weekend Rate: $55

zhiyun tech weebill s handheld stabilizer 1570751191 1511032 300x300 - Camerarental


The Zhiyun-Tech WEEBILL-S incorporates the underslung mode design of its predecessor, the WEEBILL LAB, and also has a more compact form as well as other new features. The sling mode design consists of a handle on the rear that allows for easy switching to underslung mode as well as better handling in all other modes.

Day Rate: $35

Weekend Rate: $35

zhiyun tech crane 3 s crane 3s handheld stabilizer 1584603943 1554049 300x300 - Camerarental

Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S

The CRANE 3S Handheld Stabilizer from Zhiyun-Tech is a powerful redesign of previous Zhiyun gimbals with the addition of detachable handle options, more powerful motors with a large 14.3 lb payload, an updated axis-locking system, external power input, and the ViaTouch 2.0 remote control system. The 55° angled roll axis allows you to fit your camera. Team this beast up with your next camera rental.

Day Rate: $70

Weekend Rate: $70

445349 300x300 - Camerarental

Benro A2573F Aluminum Video Kit With S6PRO Video Head

The Benro A2573FS6PRO is a single tube style video tripod with the S6 PRO video head. The center column includes a leveling adapter so that the head can be leveled independently without having to adjust the tripod legs. The tripod also features flip locks, center column weight hook and 3 independent leg position angles.

  • 6 kg (13 lbs) Max. Load Capacity

Day Rate: $25

Weekend Rate: $25

Camera Sliders Rental

SKU250 Ultimate Slider Bundle 1200x 300x200 - Camerarental

42″ Rhino Arc II Slider Bundle With Follow Focus

The Ultimate Slider Bundle from Rhino Camera Gear includes the 42″ carbon Slider, ARC II 4-axis motorized head, Rhino Focus for ARC II, and high-speed and high-torque motors. It also includes a hard carry case with designated compartments for the entire bundle.

Day Rate: $100

Weekend Rate: $100

Video Transmitters Rental

hollyland mars 400s mars 400s sdi hdmi wireless 1590063910 1507628 300x300 - Camerarental

Hollyland Mars 400S

The Mars 400S from Hollyland is an entry-level 1080p60 transmitter/receiver system featuring a 400′ line-of-sight transmission range. In a compact design, the transmitter and receiver each have an SDI and HDMI connection. A great transmitter for your next camera rental.

Day Rate: $70

Weekend Rate: $70

Hollyland 300 HDMI transmitter 300x300 - Camerarental

Hollyland Mars 300

The Hollyland Mars 300 HDMI transmitter/receiver wireless system is similar in power to a Teradek Bolt 300. A few nice features are HDMI loopthrough on the transmitter and 2 HDMI outputs on the receiver. Power comes from built in mounts for Sony L batteries for long life.

Day Rate: $60

Weekend Rate: $60

Video Microphone Rental

rode ntg5 broadcast shotgun mic 1571845320 1512606 300x300 - Camerarental

Rode NTG-5 Shotgun Microphone

Shorter and lighter than the NTG3 and with a flatter bass response, the Rode NTG5 moisture-resistant shotgun microphone lets you capture natural, uncolored sound indoors or outside for your next indie film, TV shoot, or documentary project without weighing down your rig.

Day Rate: $35

Weekend Rate: $35

rode wigoii wireless go ii compact 1614073582 1622642 300x300 - Camerarental

Rode WirelessGO II

Expanding on the original Wireless GO with updates allowing for two-person shoots, onboard recording, a greatly extended range, and flexible output options, the black Rode Wireless Go II system lets videographers, vloggers, and mobile journalists confidently and quickly incorporate wireless audio into their setup regardless of their experience level. A great wireless microphone for your next camera rental.

Day Rate: $25

Weekend Rate: $25

hollyland hl lark 150 lark 150 wireless dual 1605829604 1606253 300x300 - Camerarental

Hollyland Lark 150

Add a pair of compact, clip-on wireless microphones for your two-person interview, YouTube video, documentary production, or vlog with the LARK 150 2-Person Compact Digital Wireless Microphone System from Hollyland.

Day Rate: $25

Weekend Rate: $25

tascam dr 10l mini portable recorder 1474990529 1281085 300x300 - Camerarental

Tascam DR-10L

With the Tascam DR-10L Micro Portable Audio Recorder with Lavalier Microphone, you can record full-resolution dialog and speech while skipping the trouble of long cable runs and avoiding the confusion of configuring a wireless microphone system. Whether you use the included omnidirectional lavalier mic or connect your preferred lav to the

Day Rate: $15

Weekend Rate: $15

tascam dr 10x dr 10cx plug on micro linear 1413807670 1086779 300x300 - Camerarental

Tascam DR-10X

With the Tascam DR-10X Micro Plug-On Audio Recorder attached directly to your preferred microphone, you can record full-resolution dialog and speech while skipping the trouble of long cable runs and avoiding the confusion of configuring a wireless microphone system.

Day Rate: $15

Weekend Rate: $15

zoom h5 handy recorder 1390991803 1026852 300x300 - Camerarental

Zoom H5

Ideal for documentaries, podcasting, audio for video, and professional sound design, the Zoom H5 portable handheld recorder lets you quickly record up to four input signals regardless of your audio experience. With a swappable stereo microphone capsule, versatile 2-channel inputs, and up to 4-track recording

Day Rate: $25

Weekend Rate: $25

Video Monitor Rental

atomos atomnjav01 ninja v 5 4k 1523294422 1401565 300x300 - Camerarental

Atomos Ninja V

The Atomos Ninja V 5″ 4K HDMI Recording Monitor is a 5″ on-camera monitor/recorder that records and plays back up to DCI 4K and records to purpose-built mini-SSDs. This monitor can record Apple ProRes Raw up to DCI 4K60 directly from the sensor of select cameras. Display features include a 10-bit screen with a brightness of 1000 cd/m²

Day Rate: $60

Weekend Rate: $60

atomos atomsumo19 on set in studio 4kp60 1576092181 1334246 300x300 - Camerarental

Atmos Sumo 19″

With its large, bright color-accurate 19″ LCD screen and 4K recording capabilities, the Atomos Sumo 19″ HDR/High Brightness Monitor Recorder/Switcher can be implemented to enhance professional video workflows in both production and post-production. A great monitor to team up with your next camera rental.

Day Rate: $150

Weekend Rate: $150

Drone Rental

dji cp pt 00000234 01 phantom 4 pro version 1525778522 1406920 300x300 - Camerarental

DJI Phantom 4 PRO

Auto takeoff and auto return home with GPS technology, makes controlling easy. App enables monitoring/camera operation easy. Capture 4K ultra HD video at 30 fps, supported resolutions include: 12.0MP (4000 x 3000) photos. The f/2.8 lens with a broad field of view delivers crisp, clear images. Gimbal stabilization technology, along with a hover function allows you to capture smooth, clean footage. Team this up with your next camera rental for beautiful angles.

Day Rate: $175

Weekend Rate: $175

C-Stands Rental

51iHiQxOjtL. AC SL1460  201x300 - Camerarental

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty C Stand with Boom Arm

Heavy-Duty & Versatile: Made of 100% solid stainless steel, the C-stand serves long-lasting durability for supporting heavy-duty photographic gears like umbrella, strobe, monolight, reflector, softbox, and more. Adjustable Height & Extension Arm. 2 Metal Grip Heads with 4 Holes: Grip heads lock the arm and allow angle adjustment. 4 holes in different sizes are compatible with various equipment.

Package Contents: C Stand, Stand Base, Extension Arm, 2 Grip Heads

Day Rate: $10

Weekend Rate: $10

610fKBb2jaL. AC SL1500  177x300 - Camerarental

Light Stand 118″/300CM with 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch Universal Adapter

Stainless steel construction is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting, protecting the light stand from air pollution and salt exposure; Tube Diameter: 22mm-25mm-30mm. Its solid locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use. Lightweight to carry.

Day Rate: $10

Weekend Rate: $10

SD/Memory Card Rental

prograde digital pgsd256gbkbh 256gb uhs ii v60 sdxc 1568212705 1499812 300x300 - Camerarental

256GB ProGrade SD Card – 130Mbs Read Speed

The 256GB UHS-II SDXC Memory Card from ProGrade Digital features a storage capacity of 256GB and takes advantage of the UHS-II bus to support maximum read speeds of 250 MB/s and maximum write speeds of 130 MB/s. Great to team up with your next camera rental.

Day Rate: $15

Weekend Rate: $15

2be5422bc3e66142c87210a989b15e3c 500x 300x300 - Camerarental

128GB Lexar SD Card – 150Mbs Read Speed

High-speed performance-leverages UHS-II technology (U3) for a read transfer speed up to 1000x (150MB/s). Captures high-quality images and extended lengths of stunning 1080p full-HD, 3D, and 4K video with a DSLR camera, HD camcorder, or 3D camera. Large capacity options up to 256GB let you enjoy shooting longer without changing cards

Day Rate: $10

Weekend Rate: $10

61rWhfNegOL. AC SL1150  300x218 - Camerarental

SanDisk 128GB Ultra MicroSD – 130MBS Read Speed

Up to 120MB/s transfer speeds let you move up to 1000 photos in a minute. Up to 120MB/s read speed, engineered with proprietary technology to reach speeds beyond UHS-I 104MB/s, require compatible devices capable of reaching such speed. Good for drones & audio recording devices.

Day Rate: $10

Weekend Rate: $10

812VFMzZchL. AC SL1500  300x209 - Camerarental

Kingston 960GB DC500M 2.5 SATA Rev. 3.0 (6Gb/s)

Kingston’s Data Center 500 series of solid-state drives are high-performance SSDs using advanced 3D TLC NAND, designed for read centric and mixed-use server workloads. They implement Kingston’s strict QoS requirements to ensure predictable random I/O performance as well as predictable low latencies over a wide range of read and write workloads. They can increase productivities within AI, machine learning, big data analytics, cloud computing, software-defined storage, operational databases, database applications, and data warehousing.

Day Rate: $30

Weekend Rate: $30

Live Stream Rental

401690 300x300 - Camerarental

Roland’s V-1HD 4 x HDMI Input Switcher

Roland’s V-1HD 4 x HDMI Input Switcher is a portable solution for HD video production that accommodates up to four HD inputs. The inputs each have a frame buffer/TBC so you don’t need to genlock your input sources together.

Day Rate: $80

Weekend Rate: $80

elgato systems 10gam9901 cam link 4k game 1548069625 1453840 300x300 - Camerarental

Elgato Cam Link 4K

Record or stream an HDMI signal via USB 3.1 Gen 1 with the Cam Link 4K from Elgato Systems. With its HDMI input, this capture device will accept resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 at 30p. If you need to stream or record at a lower resolution, the Cam Link 4K can also work at 1080p, 1080i, and 720p.

Day Rate: $15

Weekend Rate: $15

Other Camera Gear Rental

1597245347 IMG 1401653 300x300 - Camerarental

SMALLRIG Camera Cage Kit For SonyA7S III

The lightweight Professional Camera Cage Kit from SmallRig provides accessory mounting and protection for your a7S III mirrorless camera, and it includes an HDMI cable clamp and a wooden side handgrip. Great with your next camera rental.

Day Rate: $15

Weekend Rate: $15

51qZVGRWvSL. AC SL1000  300x204 - Camerarental

60W 10-Port USB Wall Charger

Advanced Charging Technology: PowerIQ and VoltageBoost combine to provide the fastest possible charge up to 2.4 amps per port or 12 amps overall (Does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge). Ultra Powerful: ten ports pump out 60 watts of power, enabling simultaneous multi-device charging.

Day Rate: $10

Weekend Rate: $10

skb 3i 4414 10dt i series 3i 4414 10 waterproof think 1547549523 1452978 300x300 - Camerarental

SKB iSeries 4414-10 Case with Think Tank Photo Dividers & Lid

Store, transport, and protect photo and video gear, and related accessories with the watertight, dustproof, molded SKB iSeries 4414-10 Case with Think Tank Photo Dividers & Lid Foam.

Day Rate: $25

Weekend Rate: $25

61lTyooSnaL. AC SL1000  300x292 - Camerarental

50 Ft Extension Cord With 3 Outlets

High Quality – The Kasonic 50 Feet multi outlet extension cord is the perfect cord for all around use, providing highest quality with a Sturdy Long-Lasting Construction. UL Listed, 13 Amps, 1625 Watts, 125VAC, minimal voltage drop providing all the power you require! 16/3 SJTW extension cord, with three additional outlets, consisting of 3-Wire Grounded for safety.

Day Rate: $5

Weekend Rate: $5

Tiffen 58VND 58mm Variable Neutral Density 1327660730 821124 300x300 - Camerarental

Tiffen 58mm Variable ND

The 58mm Variable Neutral Density Filter from Tiffen offers a unique way of maintaining total control over your depth of field as well as presenting an efficient way to create some special effects. The filter is designed with a built-in rotating ring that controls neutral density ranging from 2 – 8 stops (0.6- 2.4). Team this up with your next camera rental.

Day Rate: $10

Weekend Rate: $10

71BAAzPWmcL. AC SL1500  300x261 - Camerarental

2600 mAh NPF Charger Set With 2 Batteries

2600mAh and a dual slot charger keep your. 3 Ways to Charge: Power up via a wall charger, car charger, or even a powerbank; The Micro-USB 5V/2.1A max input recharges 2 batteries fully in just 6 hours; Kindly Note: The wall charger, car charger and power bank are not included in the package.

Day Rate: $10

Weekend Rate: $10

71PXw1MxjEL. AC SL1500  300x280 - Camerarental

Set of 2 6600mAh NPF Charger Pack

6600mAh rechargeable Li-ion with premium cell for longer battery without memory effect. Great for long shoots.

Day Rate: $15

Weekend Rate: $15

71D0rbMwraL. AC SL1200  300x259 - Camerarental

NPZ100 Battery Charger Set of 2 with 2 batteries (SonyA7S III Batteries)

Battery Performance: Rated at 7.2V, 2500mAh and 18Wh. Made to the updated SONY NP-FZ100 battery, compatible with new Sony firmware 2.0, Sony Alpha A7 III, A7R III, A9, Sony Alpha 9, A7R3, a6600, a7R IV, Alpha a9 II, Alpha 9R, A9R, Alpha 9S camera.

Day Rate: $10

Weekend Rate: $10

614FOeOVsKS. AC SL1500  300x243 - Camerarental

NP-FW50 Camera Battery Charger Set (Sony6300 & 6500 Batteries)

1100mAh High capacity/rechargeable Li-ion Battery with premium cell; Easy to carry when out or travel; Extra power for your digital video camera/camcorder, no need to worry about short of power.

Day Rate: $10

Weekend Rate: $10