Schitt’s Creek Executive Producer Andrew Barnsley Gives Advice For New & Upcoming Filmmakers

Welcome to Filmmakers Uncut, a podcast that brings leading industry filmmakers and photographers to help you grow your skills. In this episode, we have Andrew Barnsley, an independent television producer and the president of Toronto Film School. Andrew talks about his work in the creative industry, his roles as a producer and educator, and his experience in the global film industry.

Andrew Barnsley’s Work in the Creative Industry

Andrew is an independent television producer based in Toronto. He has been producing since 2004 and has worked on a variety of scripted comedies, including “Schitt’s Creek,” “Son of a Critch,” “Kids in the Hall,” and more. At his company, Project 10, Andrew focuses on developing new projects and finding ways to connect with broadcasters and creators to bring their shows to audiences around the world.

In addition to producing, Andrew Barnsley is also the president of Toronto Film School, where he works to create opportunities for graduates and ensure that their training is relevant and prepares them for success in the creative industry. He spends a lot of time traveling between Toronto and L.A. to strengthen industry relationships and keep the company and school moving in the right direction.

The Role of an Executive Producer

Andrew Barnsley describes the role of an executive producer as someone who works closely with both the creative and business sides of the industry. On the creative side, executive producers work with writers, showrunners, actors, and other creatives to develop content. On the business side, they work with buyers, distributors, studios, banks, agents, lawyers, and accountants to create financial and legal structures around creative ideas.

As an executive producer, Andrew’s responsibilities include finding ways to create business and economics around creative teams and ideas, working with broadcasters and distributors to bring content to audiences, and managing budgets and schedules to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Advice for Aspiring Filmmakers

For aspiring filmmakers, Andrew advises staying curious and open to new experiences and opportunities. He encourages filmmakers to seek out mentors and surround themselves with people who can help them learn and grow. He also stresses the importance of networking and building relationships within the industry, as these connections can lead to new opportunities and help filmmakers navigate the complex world of production.

Overall, Andrew’s career in the creative industry has been defined by his willingness to take risks and embrace new challenges. He encourages aspiring filmmakers to do the same, as it is through these experiences that we learn and grow as artists and professionals.


Thank you to Andrew Barnsley for sharing his insights and experiences with us on Filmmakers Uncut. His career in the creative industry is a testament to the importance of staying curious, taking risks, and building relationships. We hope his advice will inspire and guide aspiring filmmakers on their own journey to success in the industry.

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