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The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Video Production

Video content captivates audiences unlike any other medium today. When corporate videos excel at informing, educating, entertaining, or inspiring target viewers, they build meaningful connections driving real ROI.

However, a wide abyss exists between mundane amateur videos and cinematic creative content skillfully optimized for business settings. This definitive guide details everything needed to develop memorable corporate videos that meet goals around brand messaging, lead generation, thought leadership, training, and more.

Types of Corporate Videos

Companies utilize diverse video formats and styles based on intended use. Common corporate video types include:

  • Company Overviews: Convey brand story, achievements, culture, and values. Used on websites or sales materials.
  • Product/Service Explainers: Demonstrations, tutorials, and thought leadership positioning offerings.
  • Testimonials: Satisfied customers endorse offerings citing specific benefits received.
  • Event Recaps: Conference highlights promoting attendance and coverage.
  • Staff Training: On-board employees on policies, software, and equipment operations.
  • Social Media Spots: Entertaining or informative short videos driving engagement.
  • Commercials: Promotional videos advocating purchasing from the brand.
  • Crisis Response: Leadership reassuring audiences during scandals/challenges.

Video Production Process

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The key steps involved in producing a corporate video include pre-production, production, post-production and distribution.

  1. Pre-Production: The planning phase around framing project goals, target audiences, and success metrics. Creative briefs guide scripts, storyboards, graphics, and location scouting.
  2. Production: On-location shooting with gear like cameras, microphones, and lighting kits to capture planned script scenes and supplemental b-roll footage.
  3. Post-Production: Editing raw footage together cohesively with transitions and effects. Color correction and audio balancing finalize videos before renders are complete.
  4. Distribution: Upload final production-quality videos to hosting sites like Vimeo or YouTube. Embed onto websites, share natively into social posts/ads, and add interactive elements. Promote through SEO and links driving discovery.

Dial-In Strategic Messaging Guided by Goals

Define upfront why the company is investing in custom video content and specific targets around what you aim to achieve. Corporate video goals generally map to:

  • Brand Building: Positioning the company as an industry leader, highlighting community initiatives, showcasing workplace culture, etc.
  • Lead Generation: Video ads, email nurture content, social posts, and landing pages converting visitors into buyer pipeline contacts.
  • Training: Product tutorials, on-boarding new hires, continuing education, compliance.
  • Thought Leadership: Executive insights, trend forecasts, establishing domain authority.

With tangible business objectives defined from the start, scripts can hone in on strategic narrative and visuals optimized to deliver measurable metrics around those aims. Videos failing to align with concrete measurable goals waste resources for minimal ROI.

Conduct Professional Script Writing Optimized for Video

Even with clearly defined goals and target viewer insights, amateur script writing lacking strategic brevity rarely translates on-screen effectively. Professional corporate videographer’s partner with specialized copywriters to build scripts focused on consistent concise messaging carrying momentum scene-to-scene.

Scripts internationally guide sequences, dialogue, narration, graphics, b-roll, and more to support themes customers care about. Every word and visual detail is necessary to hit KPIs. Nothing distracts or detracts.

Writing for video follows unique rules compared to the long-form text given compressed runtime. Tight phrasing must capture attention immediately while moving stories forward visually through emotion and motion. Corporate video productiondeviating from structured scripts risks disjointed, confusing storytelling.

Insist on Cinematic Videography Production Quality

Corporate videographyrepresents brands through visuals and audio. Viewers expect polished production value aligning with positioning. Yet basic shot framing, lighting, camera work, and editing rarely suffice.

For professional results, corporate videographers leverage cinema-grade tools operated by specialists. Key indicators of pedigree production include:

  • Filming with high-end mirrorless or DSLR cameras, lenses, rigging and stabilization supports
  • Lighting with pro gear manipulating brightness, color, and direction
  • Multi-channel audio equipment with backup recorders etc.
  • Shooting in high video resolution formats (4K, 6K, 8K)
  • Editing software tools enabling complex transitions, animations, graphics, etc

Serious corporate videographers continuously invest in state-of-the-art tools and training while honing techniques through extensive fieldwork. The final edited video leaves no doubt around production polish audiences recognize quality brand content.

Guide Overall Creative Direction Aligning with Brand Standards

Corporate videographersmay handle shooting/editing but know little about nuanced company messaging and branding. Guide creative direction, set limitations, and maintain alignment with wider visual identity and content around campaigns.

Provide brand guidelines documents indicating positioning themes, logo usage, color palettes, prohibited imagery/text, and fonts. Share examples of well-performing content that seems on-brand. Convey unique value propositions to focus messaging. Review mood boards or early concepts around creative approach. Set the guardrails, then collaborate ensuring creative ideas realize business potential.

It is far easier to provide constructive feedback re-shaping direction mid-process than re-doing finished videos that missed the branding mark. Videos deviating from brand standards confuse audiences about market positioning.

Build Shooting Schedules Accommodating Key Participants

Corporate video production relies on recorded people – their words, expressions, and demonstrations. Yet busy schedules prevent easily gathering teams on-camera, especially executives. Identify must-have subject matter experts, leaders, or actors early when planning shoots.

Overlay schedules confirming everyone’s roles and shoot duration demands. Build contingencies into timelines if delays materialize for key sequences.Without properly anticipating schedules, things quickly go off the rails once production begins. Videos missing leadership presence underperform on credibility. Savvy videographers solve availability challenges through advanced coordination and focus on must-have contributors.

Verify Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Considerations

Video content represents regulated businesses in the public spotlight. Overlooked compliance or privacy concerns around corporate videos invite substantial risk once published widely. Confirm video concepts adherence to regulations in writing.

Common legal aspects include data protections, location/content permissions, trademarks, likeness consent, offensive content avoidance, and standards adherence. Review video ideas against industry codes and internal policies to mitigate issues down the road. Consider adding formal approval workflows pre/post-production as added assurance.

Overlooking compliance aspects of video content exposes brands to complaints, and lawsuits and destroys credibility. Mitigating that risk safeguards corporate reputation. The best videos activate audiences while still following rules.


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Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to learn more about corporate video production.

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