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How to Use Videos for Facebook Marketing to Create Leads

Marketing has become a complex field in 2022. From SEO to paid Facebook marketing, the dynamics of the market keep changing over time.

Among all the new trends in marketing, digital and video marketing seem to take the lead. While digital marketing initially began with photographs, it is now shifting towards more video content.

There are multiple platforms where you can post new video content to increase brand awareness, but Facebook is still one of the top choices. On Facebook, more than 8 billion videos are viewed daily. This means that you have a higher chance of reaching a wide target audience easily through Facebook marketing.


5 Amazing Tips for Facebook Marketing

If you look at your own Facebook feed, you’ll notice a new video popping up every time you scroll. Considering the vast number of videos available on Facebook already, it is incredibly important to create content that is unique, attractive, and compelling. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of video marketing that you should keep in mind.

Instead of wondering how you could make your brand flourish through Facebook marketing, use these 5 amazing tips to get started right away.


1. Use Live Videos

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Too many brands are underestimating the power of live videos on Facebook. While there are many content creators and brands using the Instagram live video feature, Facebook live videos are still being overlooked.

Instead of making the same mistake, you can start using Facebook live videos as part of your marketing strategy. Even if you have less than 10K followers on Facebook, live videos can give you 73% more engagement than pre-recorded videos.

Viewers can like and comment on your Facebook live videos in real-time. You can use this opportunity to build a close relationship with your target audience and answer all their questions.

Irrespective of the type of business you run, your Facebook marketing strategy should include live videos to get higher engagement rates.


2. Optimize the Content for Mobile

Over 95% of Facebook users prefer using the social media app on their smartphones. This means that your target audience is always watching videos and consuming content from mobile devices.

Instead of focusing on desktop videos, it is time to shift your attention towards mobile-friendly video content. You might argue that mobile users can rotate their device to watch desktop-optimized content on their phones, but that approach isn’t too effective.

Your Facebook marketing strategy should focus on creating content that can be viewed in portrait mode on smartphones while the target audience is simply scrolling through their feed.

Focusing on mobile viewers can enhance your Facebook marketing strategy by appealing to a wider audience with a low CPM. You can create ads in portrait orientation that merge into the Facebook feed effortlessly. This way, your CTA will be more visible to potential customers that helps you generate more leads for the business.


3. Record 360 Videos

Facebook has a unique feature that you can leverage – 360 videos. This feature gives users a virtual reality experience right from their smartphones.

As a marketer, you can create 360 videos to showcase your product efficiently. Allow the audience to explore your product from every angle by rotating their phones. If you are selling laptops, for example, then making a 360 video for a new product launch can help users see how the laptop would look like in real life.

360 videos can play a huge role in your Facebook marketing campaign as it has the ability to generate leads immediately. If a viewer can explore your product fully before making a purchase, then they might be encouraged to make a purchase too.


4. Run Facebook Ads

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This tip might sound like an obvious one, but Facebook ads are not getting as much attention as they should. If you are struggling to get organic views on your Facebook video content, then ads can help you ensure that they don’t get lost in the digital crowd.

Facebook ads can help you boost engagement and get higher customer retention. Remember to optimize your Facebook ads in a way that reaches your target audience efficiently. Set goals regarding your desired reach, brand awareness, website traffic, follower count, and more.

Facebook also lets you select demographics such as age and location to determine which users should be seeing your ad on their feed. You can even make extra money with branded content. Here’s everything you need to know about video monetisation.


5. Add Hashtags

Whether you are using Instagram or Facebook marketing, always remember to add relevant hashtags to your content. Hashtags help users find your brand easily as all the content related to one hashtag is automatically grouped together.

If you are wondering what hashtags to use, then you can take inspiration from your competitors. Look at what hashtags they are using to promote their content and try using a few similar ones to compete with them.

You can also create a unique hashtag for your own business to boost brand awareness. If any of your videos go viral, then consider using the same hashtag for future videos to let viewers explore all your content in one place.


Why Facebook Marketing is Important

Facebook has maintained its position as one of the top social media platforms throughout the last decade. Almost everyone scrolls through their Facebook feed at least once a day, and more brands are leveraging Facebook marketing to their advantage.

In most cases, users turn to Facebook to watch video content. Statistic show that more than 500 million people use Facebook to watch videos every day. If you are focusing on creating video content for your business, then you shouldn’t ignore the opportunities of Facebook marketing.

With features like Facebook Live and 360 videos, this social media platform gives brands multiple ways to promote their content. You can even post regular Facebook Stories to keep your customers engaged.

Some of the top benefits of Facebook marketing include:

  • Provides massive exposure
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy access to potential customers
  • Encourages brand loyalty
  • Drives traffic to your website or app

With Facebook marketing, your brand can engage a huge target audience that results in higher conversions. Instead of only focusing on Instagram and TikTok, remember to include Facebook in your marketing strategy too.