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Should You Use Videos for Email Marketing?


Email marketing has been around long before digital or social media marketing became popular. Unfortunately, most brands don’t consider adding emails to their marketing campaign, simply because it does not produce very impressive results.

But have you ever tried adding videos to your email campaigns? Statistics show that just adding the word “video” in the subject line can boost email open rates by 6%. If you actually use videos in your emails often, then the open rate can rise by 16%.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of email marketing and creative strategies that you can use.


Benefits of Adding Videos in Email Marketing

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Not many people open emails from brands. However, you can encourage your target audience to always open your emails by adding videos in them. These videos had a humanistic touch to your brand and retains the viewers’ attention.

Whether you add BTS clips or customer testimonials, the target audience can feel connected to your brand through videos. Adding these videos to email newsletters can help create more brand awareness and spread your brand message quickly.

Videos are much more interesting to look at than plain text. By including them in your email marketing campaign, you can ensure that the audience is getting your brand message. Whether you’re announcing a new product or launching a sale, sharing the news with a short and compelling video can be a great idea. Here are some do’s and dont’s of video marketing that you can use as a guide.

Videos in email marketing help you differentiate your brand from the digital crowd. By following a creative strategy for videos in email marketing, you can encourage social shares by the viewers. If your video gets on the trending page, then your SERP rankings will boost immediately.


How to Use Videos in Email Marketing

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Now that you know how videos in email marketing campaigns can benefit you, it’s time to consider how you should be using them. Remember that you are competing for your audience’s attention, so you need to be extra creative when adding videos to promo emails.

Here are a few interesting ideas for videos in email marketing:


1. Short Video Series

With promotional email marketing, your main goal should be to capture the customer’s attention. Since attention spans are short, it is best to keep your video short and precise.

If you are trying to sell a complicated feature that needs to be explained, then consider using a series of short videos.

Instead of putting all the information together in one long video, break it down into several videos. Then, you can continue sending one video from the series through email marketing every few days.

With this strategy, your audience stays engaged with your brand as they learn more about your product or service. If your video content is enticing enough, then customers might start anticipating your videos and wait for them. This boosts your email metrics and increases your brand awareness significantly.


2. Use Video Links

Another way to capitalize on viewer’s short attention spans is by adding video links to the email.

Instead of putting the entire video in the email newsletter, you can add a small portion of it that is compelling for the audience. Then, you can add a CTA button below it to redirect viewers to your website where they can watch the full video.

This email strategy works exceptionally well with short clips that leave the viewer intrigued. If they click on the CTA button, then you get more organic traffic on your website and more potential conversions.


3. Go Behind-the-Scenes

Everyone loves watching BTS videos. If you are trying to gain your audience’s trust and develop a meaningful relationship with them, then considering taking your audience behind-the-scenes.

With BTS videos, you can humanize your brand and appeal to customers directly. In these videos, you can share a daily routine at the office or introduce a new staff member every week.

One useful way to incorporate these BTS videos into your email marketing campaign is by offering tips and tricks. For example, if you are a clothing retailer, then your team can make a styling video for office wear looks using your products.

If you are selling organic or cruelty-free products, then you can take your audience through the manufacturing process. This helps build a trusting relationship between your brand and the customers.


4. Anticipate a New Release

Email marketing can be a great way to hype up an upcoming event. Whether you are hosting a new event, launching a new product, or have a new release, you can use email previews to generate excitement.

The videos in your emails can show little snippets of what is about to come.

For instance, if you run an accessories store, then you can make a video that briefly shows new products. If you are hosting a big event, then you can showcase some planning moments to get the fans excited.


5. Add Animated GIFs

Along with traditional videos, you can always add GIFs to your email marketing campaign to display a more playful side of your brand. Emails don’t have to be boring – and GIFs are the perfect way to engage your audience.

You can also add GIFs alongside of videos in email marketing. After your video, add a GIF with an enticing CTA to send people to your website. Alternatively, you can even use GIFs to anticipate a new release or tell your brand’s story.

It doesn’t matter how you use your GIFs as long as you use them correctly. Make sure you position your GIF somewhere the audience can see it immediately. Remember that you only have a few seconds to capture a viewer’s interest.


Final Verdict

To answer the question, “should I use videos for email marketing?” – YES, you definitely should! Videos in emails can make plain text less boring and get your brand message across efficiently.

From product tutorials to funny GIFs, videos in email marketing are a great way to engage your audience and boost customer engagement.